Liverpool: trade hub and cultural colossus (4 part episode)

Liverpool Pier Head

Join us on our historical tour of Liverpool.  World famous for The Beatles and its football clubs, Liverpool has a rich and influential history and magnificent architectural heritage.  Ye Olde Guide explores the history of English towns and cities in four categories: Politics & War, Arts & Culture, Science & Industry, Urban Landscape.  

We will be releasing four episodes each week in June 2024, covering each of the categories.  We would love to hear your comments.

In the first of four parts on Liverpool we will be giving a brief historical overview before exploring our first category Politics and War.  We will discuss the role of immigration on Liverpool, giving rise to its large Irish, Caribbean and Chinese communities amongst others.  We will discuss the politics of twentieth century Liverpool and its legacy both in local urban planning and national politics.  We will be discussing the crucial role Liverpool played in the second world war and associations with the American Civil War.  

In later episodes we will be exploring the music of Liverpool, the vast docks, and remarkable architecture around the city.  

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the episode.  Please get in touch by visiting or tweet us @yeoldeguide

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