The Categories

We want to explore all elements of the heritage of our towns and cities, not just the obvious and most famous bits.  To ensure this, we explore each location in five dimensions.  To add more fun, we’ve scored the the location in each area.  

The five sections are:


We will look at the cultural influences of the city, across the arts.  We will look at the musical scenes, famous writers, appearance in cinema and poetry.  Sports teams, personas and stadia will be included.

Politics & War

The impact of the city on the political life of the nation, and significance in military history.  Great battles in a town, military buildings, or great contribution to war effort will score points.

Science & Industry

The scientific and industrial contributions of the city.  With a focus on the remaining heritage.

Urban Heritage

The architecture and layout of the city.  Its influence on urban development elsewhere.

Reality vs Expectation

How does the city meet expectations.