The League

So here it is, our scores across five categories so far in the podcast.  These scores are a measure of what we think the city or town has contributed in each area.  A strong musical scene, a literary legacy or film inspiration will give strong scores in Culture. Great historical events shaping political history will get the high scores in Politics & War.  A city which has earned its keep through invention, trade and science will score highly in Science & Industry.  The most architecturally interesting or influential cities will get the scores in Urban Heritage.  The wildcard score is Reality vs Expectation, where we give points if visiting the town exceeded our expectation.

Daniel and Liam each give scores out of ten, so each category is scored out of 20 with a maximum of 100 points available.  Do you agree with our scores?  Give us your take in the comments box below.

CulturePolitics & WarScience & IndustryUrban LandscapeReality vs ExpectationsTOTAL
Great Yarmouth14.512111415.566.5
Windsor & Eton12183.513.58.555.5
Swindon 4.541612.513.550.5

These highly subjective scores relate to how much historical contribution we could find in each category. Does a high score mean a place is more interesting to visit? Not as such. It depends on your interests. Higher scores for Urban Heritage probably indicate a place most interesting to see today.


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