History of Swindon – a railway legacy


Welcome to Ye Olde Guide. In this episode we’re alighting to explore the history of Swindon

In the first category Culture, we’ll discover England’s first lending library and the industrial pop album inspired by Swindon’s railway heritage.

For Politics & War we’ll hear about prisoners of war, and how a Swindon institution inspired the foundation of the NHS.

In Science & Industry, we’ll discover Swindon’s place in railway history and how the railway works literally created the modern town.

For Urban Heritage, the remarkable, multifunctional preservation of Swindon’s railway heritage.

And yes, we will be talking a lot about trains in this episode as well as giving our all-important scores in each category.  Let us know what you think of the podcast and check out the website companion yeoldeguide.com.  But now all aboard and journey with us to Swindon.

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