History of Shrewsbury: quintessential English market town

Join us on our historic tour of Shrewsbury.  A town which may have one of the best preserved historic centres in England, numerous listed buildings of interest and the birthplace of one of the greatest scientists in history.


The podcast explores the history of Shrewsbury in five categories:

Politics & War: how the geography of Shrewsbury led to it being at the heart of historic Anglo-Welsh conflict, and the site of numerous gruesome battles

Science & Industry: the birthplace of Charles Darwin, an important pre-industrial market centre, and the grandfather of skyscrapers

Arts & Culture: Flowers, Georgian flaneurs and an esteemed literary tradition

Urban Landscape: a guide to the large medieval street plan and timber framed Tudor buildings of Shrewsbury, its castle, abbey and numerous important buildings.

Relatively vs expectations: how we enjoyed a visit to Shrewsbury. Did it live up to expectations?

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  1. We hope you enjoyed our historic guide to Shrewsbury. Tell us what you thought about the episode in the comments box here.

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