History of Lancaster: Georgian Maritime Centre

Lancaster Castle

The tenth episode of Ye Olde Guide is visiting Lancaster, a city with a famous name, ancient history, well known for its castle, but almost forgotten as a centre of global trading power.

In politics & war – the House of Lancaster is a recognisable name, but Lancaster saw little action in the Wars of the Roses.  It was a much bigger stage in Anglo-Scottish conflict including a raid by Robert the Bruce.

For culture we explore the legacy of the Pendle Witch trials, where the testimony of children was allowed for the first time and fed a trans-Atlantic hysteria.  Today its historic buildings host music and arts festivals.

For science & industry we focus on Lancaster’s maritime history, explored so well today in its museums and the Slave Trade, Abolition and Fair Trade trail

Finally we visit Lancaster’s stunning Georgian heritage and remarkable buildings including the Lancaster Castle and Ashton Memorial

The Ashton Memorial

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