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Great Yarmouth Scenic Railway
Welcome to Ye Olde Guide.  In this episode we’re visiting the seaside and exploring the history of Great Yarmouth.  

“Yarmouth is an antient town, much older than Norwich; and at present, tho’ not standing on so much ground, yet better built; much more compleat; for number of inhabitants, not much inferior; and for wealth, trade and advantage of its situation, infinitely superior to Norwich. It is plac’d on a peninsula between the River Yare and the sea; and two last lying parallel to one another, and the town in the middle. The River lies on the west-side of the town and being grown very large and deep, by a conflux of all the rivers on this side the county, forms the Haven; and the town facing to the west also, and open to the River, makes the finest key in England, if not in Europe, not inferior even to that of Marseilles.”

Daniel Defoe (1660-1731)

In this packed episode we explore the unique and historic Seaside Resort stretching along a golden mile of Norfolk coast.  Beyond the the incredible seaside attractions, we will learn about the world leading Herring trade, which made Yarmouth one of the wealthiest towns in the land in the middle ages.

Did you know?

  • Yarmouth was the 5th wealthiest town in England in the middle ages
  • The Scenic Railway is a grade two listed wooden roller coaster with a brakeman and headchopper, built in 1932
  • Great Yarmouth Hippodrome is the world’s only purpose built circus building with a floor that sinks into a pool
  • Joyland contains the world’s only remaining Virgina reel ride – one of several historic rides built in Great Yarmouth
  • Yarmouth boasts the world’s oldest football stand in use
  • The original Nelson’s column celebrating the local naval legend is located in Great Yarmouth
  • Yarmouth was the site of the UK’s first aerial attack in world war one from a Zeppelin
  • 1.2bn fish were caught annually in the world’s prime Herring industry, and a legacy of buildings and museums celebrating this proud maritime history today
  • Yarmouth has one of the best preserved medieval town walls, and a wealth of historic buildings representing architecture from across the centuries

Join us to learn about the history of Great Yarmouth and plan a visit yourself. See how we rated Great Yarmouth in our league table.

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